Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 17 of No Spend July

Day 17

For the entire month of July I am hosting a “No Spend July” here at Stylish Saving!

As many of you know, I am a first grade teacher which means I don’t get paid in the summer. My husband and I have a great budget so we factor this in. After scoping out my pantry and linen closet I have decided to challenge myself to a “No Spend July.” The only exception to this is David’s 29th birthday on July 12th, we will be hosting a birthday party for friends and family. My goal for the party is $30 for everything including food/drinks and gift.

Here’s My Goal for the month of July
- Spend no more than $20 a week on gas/milk/produce groceries (using gift cards for as much of this as possible)
- Find creative recipes to utilize all of the food in my pantry/freezer
- Throw my husband an AWESOME 29th Birthday Party for 20 guests
- Enjoy as many vegetables from my garden as possible
- Find fun free entertainment
- Still “rock” free deals or deals that I pay pennies out of pocket. I still have RR’s to roll, Up+ and ECB’s!

What Will I do with the Money We Save?
- All of the money we save will go in an account to serve as an emergency fund for our family.

How You Can Join in on the Fun!
- Decide to spend as little as possible during the month of July.
- Get creative with your pantry and freezer
- Spend time, not money with/on your family

Each day I will post my menu, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will also post what we spent. Please leave comments if you are joining in on the fun or just leave words of encouragement for David and I! You can also grab the no spend July button on this page in the upper left hand corner and post it to your blog if you would like!

My Progress:

I spent $13 on gas yesterday! Which means I only have $0.18 for today. Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday and I will have another $20 to work with!!

Are you joining in on the FUN? How are you doing?


Anonymous said...

I am getting creative with the food in my pantry and freezer because we're moving, and who wants to move all that food.

I thought we liked seafood until I found that the freezer has mostly different types of seafood untouched!

My boys used to love coming home because we had "better" food than they did at the condo, but now they're disappointed that they have to eat "leftovers" - they don't know what REAL leftovers are!

Mary Catherine said...

I use to be afraid of leftovers :) But my husband LOVES them, I am quite lucky, he will eat anything!! Good luck with your move. We moved about a year ago, it was crazy! I wouldnt sleep until things were put away.