Thursday, August 5, 2010

Guest Post: Dealing with Unhappy Cashiers

Guest Post: Dealing with unhappy cashiers!

Sometimes when I shop, I run into cashiers that are not too happy to see my mile high pile of coupons. I have a few things I do to make the experience a good one. We can make checking our all of our coupons enjoyable for the cashier. A few tips and a friendly smile can go a long way!
I have cashiers and managers at every store that I am friendly with. When I shop, I enjoy talking to people and making friends.

Tip 1: If it’s a store you love and they are always good to you, let the managers know! Fill out those surveys and fill them out positively. It’ll take you an extra minute, but the stores appreciate it and they will remember you.
Tip 2: Talk to the cashier as you check out. Ask them how their day is; fill in little friendly chit chat. They are people too and honestly, they get flustered by long lines (just like customers do). Make their experience checking you and all of your coupons out a happy one.
Tip 3: Have your coupons all ready to go when you get to the register.
Tip 4: I hand over my coupons to the cashier one at a time. I have a few reasons I do this.
1. Sometimes, I have a coupon in my pile that I did not use, if I didn’t buy the item, I just place that coupon to the side and can move onto the next. This saves time from the register beep, and then the realization that I didn’t purchase the item.
2. On occasion, I have had coupons that did not get put into my purchase, if I hand over the coupon one at a time; I know every coupon has come off of the purchase.
Tip 5: Don’t use coupons that are expired at stores that don’t take expireds and don’t use coupons on wrong items. Sure, we all make mistakes, but stores will know if you are always using wrong coupons and will remember that. The cashiers can get in trouble for this.
Some cashiers do get flustered by all of the coupons. Honestly, it adds time to the check out process. If you make the time they are spending with you pleasant, all the coupons aren’t so bad.
It’s a fun game for me to watch my hundred dollar purchases go down to practically nothing. I get pretty excited, honestly, the cashiers do get excited for you too! Tell them what you are doing, get them involved. Everyone is happy to see another person happy. Get them in on your fun!

Michelle is a married “thirty-something” mom with 2 beautiful daughters. In her“free time” (what mom has that?), she is a High School Special Education Teacher. She has three passions in life…her family/friends, teaching, and couponing!
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