Sunday, August 15, 2010

Price Chopper Facebook Coupon Deal

I had a great time at Price Chopper today!
The only thing we NEEDED was popcorn, I actually can't believe that we are out!
Here is what I got:
(7) Cans of Cream Corn $0.49 each
(2) Tomato Paste $0.59
1 Price Chopper Popcorn $1.00
As you can see I only paid $0.61

I wanted to post a few pictures of
some of the other AWESOME items that you can get for free!

Tomato Paste $0.59

Onion Soup Mix $0.49

Yogart $0.40 each

Corn $0.49


Silvia said...

Thanks for sharing this, Mary! My Price Chopper would not let me do this though. I would have to spend $10 in order to be able to use the $5 coupon. Your coupon totals can only go as high as 50% of your total bill. The worst part of this rule is that they will take the Advantage Card savings off your total which actually brings your coupon savings allowance to a lower percentage than 50 :-(

Mary Catherine said...

I am sorry Silvia, It worked for me. It didnt beep or have to be pushed through. I am sorry it didnt work for you.