Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Savings Experiment

Very exciting things are happening at Stylish Saving! Haven't you always wanted to try out some of those crazy money saving methods your Grandmother/mother/ best friend mentioned? Well, 5 fellow frugal bloggers and myself have have decided to put some of our best money saving methods to the test!

We'll be do some serious comparisons to see if all of this talk is just hype or if it can turn into real cash staying in your pocket. We know that each of these should save money, in theory, but what we really want to find out is exactly HOW MUCH?!

So, for the month of May, stay tuned - we'll be posting all of these experiments on our various sites, guest posting the results of other's on our own sites, and filling you guys in on every gritty detail along the way! You'll be here to witness our triumphs, failures, and (of course) the SAVINGS!!

Here's a quick breakdown of just a few of the cool things we'll be testing:

* Homemade Organic Baby Food vs. Store Bought

* Substituting Vinegar for Fabric Softener

* Homemade Cleaning Products vs. Store Bought

* Cloth Diapers vs. Disposables

* "Rocks in the Toilet Tank" - huh?! You'll see!

A few of the other bloggers involved are:
*Alecia from Savings and Stewardship

* Greta from Friend Family Savings

* Jenna from Bucktown Bargains

* Micael from Saving Obsession

* Jessica from Jessica's Coupons

and Me (MaryCatherine) from Stylish Saving



Alecia said...

I'm SO excited!! This is going to be good! :)

Anonymous said...

Everything you are posting about is exactly what my blog is mainly about! How funny that you guys are testing most of these! I know I've saved a ton of money and I have a lot of secrets myself. Check it out if you like at