Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Savings Experiment: Homemade Window Cleaner

As you know I joined with some fellow bloggers to embark on a Savings Experiment! I started the month long experiment with a BANG!

My First Experiment

Each Saturday I wake up early and wash my windows. No, I am not a crazy neat freak... I do it because my darling Boston Terrier Tinkerbell spends her days sitting on the chair in the sun, licking my front window. Gross, I know but you can't teach a 2 year old Terrier new tricks. As you can guess I go through a lot of glass cleaner.

The Culprit

It's really gross, but I had to share how bad it was!

Window Cleaner

1 cup water

1 cup vinegar

1 plastic bottle (I saved an old window cleaner bottle)

It worked well, I did have to wash my very dirty window twice to get it clean. I used paper towels and there were no streaks. I washed all of my windows (15) and my front and back door. I also washed my bathroom mirror. I hardly made a dent in the bottle.

I bought two bottles of Vinegar using the $1/2 coupon

My total of of pocket was $2.00

Using the recipe above I will get 4 batches out of one bottle.
My Method : 25 cents a bottle
Windex: $3.95 a bottle
I would choose the Vinegar method hands down.

The best part about this solution is you can use it for many things around the house, not just windows. Vinegar cuts grease, dissolves hard water and soap scum. It will also kill mold and mildew.

The only con my husband and I can come up with is it does leave a very strong scent. I am sure that it will pass in an hour or so.
Jenna over at Bucktown Bargins has a great post up on Making Your Own Baby Food! Be sure to check it out!


Alecia @ Savings and Stewardship said...

WOW - that is incredible!! That is a HUGE savings!!! The smell will take some getting used to, for sure, but if you go through Windex a lot, you might be willing to deal with the smell in order to save that much money!!!

Thanks for this awesome post!!!

Bucktown Bargains said...

I agree about the strong scent..I think that you just get used to it! Great Job!

sandandstarfish said...

Every spring, my mom would make us clean the windows using a water + vinegar solution and i loved the way it left the glass streak free. instead of paper towels, we'd use newspaper... but only the black and white sheets, the color images would mess the windows up

Mary Catherine said...

You are the second person who told me that they did it this way when they were kids. I am going to try that this week! I had sent all of the paper out with the recycling:(

Anonymous said...

When using newspaper, make sure the newspaper is a day or two old. Something to do with the ink on the paper. I never clean my windows with anything but old newspapers! My husband thought I was crazy at first but when he saw how nice the windows looked he started using it at work to wash the ambulance windows! :-) Also, with the vinegar solution- if you aren't real fond of the vinegar smell, add some lemon juice. It doesn't change the cleaning power but it does mask the vinegar smell.