Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ralph Lauren Monogram Towels-- Cheap!

I posted about this in May! Guess What--- It's Back!

I have to share this AWESOME Towel Deal!

Neiman Marcus has their Lauren by Ralph Lauren Towels

Monogrammed on sale.

Bath towel $9.49
Bath Sheet $11.99
Hand Towel $7.49
Tub Mat $13.49

there are 14 colors to choose from and 7 monogram styles with 27 thread colors.

and the SHIPPING IS FREE with JULYNM as the code!

I love these towels, I ordered them last year for my Godfather and ordered a set for David and I. They are high quality and as a newly married couple, I LOVE looking at the Monogram.

I plan to order a few set for upcoming bridal showers and wedding gifts.

They are also great if you have children, you can put their initials on them and they will know which towel belongs to whom :) My mom did this when I was a kid, I was green, my sister Melissa was blue. She always knew who left their towel on the bathroom floor instead of the hamper.

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Beth Zimmerman said...

Those are pretty towels! Wish I had a few dollars to spare I would definitely invest in some!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. Delighted to return the favor and I *liked* you on FB too! :)