Thursday, April 15, 2010

New To Coupons Series Post #2

New To Couponing Series #2
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How to Organize Your Coupons
There are several ways that you can organize your coupons. It really is a personal choice and you need to determine what best suits your needs.

1. The File Folder Method
This is the method that I use for organizing my coupons. I use the file drawer in my desk which works great because I keep them out of my husband (and small dogs) way. The first thing I do when I get my coupon inserts is write the date on the front page (of each insert) this way it is easy to determine which insert it is if I go “coupon wild” and have several out on my desk at once. Then I place the inserts in a folder labeled with the date. I use a different folder for each week, keeping about 8 weeks of coupons at one time. Before I ditch a coupon insert I am always sure to check the expiration dates. Often times there are a few coupons that have not expired. I clip those and recycle the rest. I keep the single coupons in a basket.

2. The Coupon Box
This method is great if you take all of your coupons with your to the store. I got this method from Crystal over at Money Saving Mom. I used this for a while but gave up when I had to sort through every few weeks to ditch the expired coupons. Head over to her site and search Coupon Organization to see her method

3. The Accordion File
Now this is what I use to think of when I thought of coupons. I think that my Gram had one of these back in the day. This is a good method if you don’t clip a lot of coupons. There is a great video here that Charlene put together

There is a great post here by Mercedes from Common Sense With Money about her method.

I hope this helped!

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