Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PF Chang's TAX DAY~

PF Changs is a favorite of my friend Amanda and I so this is very exciting! Get 15% off your bill at PF Changs on Tax Day, April 15th You do have to have a Warrior Card but you can go HERE and sign up for one. Look for my darling husband and I at the PF Chang's in Colonie Center on Thursday, I can almost taste the Lettuce Wraps and Chang's spicy chicken.


Alecia said...

PF Chang's is one of my all-time FAVORITE restaurants. We don't have one near us anymore, and that makes me so sad!! Great find!!

*Amanda said...

Lets talk about how it makes me sad that you are not here. *sigh*

Mary Catherine said...

I'm sorry! I'll be back soon and we will go! We will have a girls day and shop too :)