Monday, April 12, 2010

Walgreens 4/12

I headed over to Walgreens today because I heard that the Schick Save Gel was ROLLING. Which for anyone new means that you can use the $3 Register Reward that you earn for purchasing the Gel on the next one you buy. The only catch with this one is you have to find a cheap filler item. My husband loves beans (I loath them) so I got some of those and a few other items we needed. There were over 100 at the store so I got seven.
Here are my deals~
Schick 2.99
8x10 Photo FREE
Used 2.50 from last weeks Register Rewards (RR)
Out of Pocket (opp) .70 earned a $3 RR
Schick 2.99
Snuggle 3.99
Used the $3 RR from #1 and Snuggle $3 coupon
OPP:1.47 earned $3RR
Schick 2.99
Butterball Broth .99
Used $3 RR from #2, Butterball coupon from the flyer
OPP:.70 Earned $3.
This went on 4 more times-- I ended up with:
7 Schick, 2 Snuggle, 2 Butterball Broth, 1 .99 birthday card, beans Free 8x10 for a grand total of $6.00 out of pocket and $3 RR to spend next time:)
Not too bad!


Jessica said...

Hey Mary... So question, do you just stand at the register making 7 different transactions? I would be so afraid to do that, are the stores ok with that?

Mary Catherine said...

Hi Jessica,
It depends-- If there is no one in the store I totally will all my transactions in a row. If there is a line I do maybe 2 then get in line again. Another trick is to get checked out at the photo register or the makeup register. The cashiers at walgreens are the BEST! They never give me a hard time about doing multiple transactions. Keep in mind I only do multiples if the RR's are rolling :) If not I plan ahead to try to do two at the most. Hope this helps

Mary Catherine said...

And if your going to NF Walgreens they are really great, there is ALWAYS more than one register open